Experienced Graphic &
Web Designer

Elaine Gambiani

Creative Strategist , UX Web Design & Graphic Designer

The best projects start with a good conversation, a solid plan, and skillful execution. Creating beautiful websites that focus on the end-user’s best interaction is what matters most.

Work Experience

I work with nonprofit organizations and companies specializing in printing, apparel, fulfillment, and entertainment memorabilia.

I¬†have established long-term relationships with clients who contract with me as their creative director, graphic designer, and web developer. Let’s work together!


BFA – Northern Illinois University 


My Skills

With 20 years of experience, I deeply understand web design principles, layout composition, and user experience (UX) best practices to create intuitive, responsive, and mobile-friendly interfaces that engage users.

My art and graphic design background allows me to integrate captivating visuals into websites harmoniously. I ensure that every element complements the overall design and enhances the brand’s identity.

web design

graphic design

Marketing & advertising

Brand management

creative direction

email campaigns

Adobe creative cloud

html & css


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