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F. Fegeson Productions -Chili Dog MVP - Web Development

F. Fergeson Productions

F. Fergeson Productions is a Publishing Company owned by local historians whose books focus on the sports of Chicagoland area. This project included branding and the development of the branded website to support the promotions of their books.

Client: F. Fergeson Productions

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Laura Tanner Law - Just Wills and Trusts

Laura Tanner Law

Website for Simple Will, Trusts and Estate Planning that is friendly and approachable to get people to think about estate planning early.

Client: Laura Tanner

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VIP Fan Auctions

VIP Fan Auctions

VIP Fan Auctions is a full auction website that was developed to replace their ebay auction store. This project included full site redesign, studio auction pages, email campaigns, social media posts, and presentations.

Client: VIP Partnership Group

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Farmhouse Soapery Handmade Luxury Goat Milk Soap

Farmhouse Soapery

Farmhouse Soapery makes luxury goat milk soap and sells them in local specialty shops in the St. Louis, Missouri area. This project included logo, branding and product labels.

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AHP Trainers

AHP Trainers Project included Landing Program Performance Page and Print Fliers for Performance Programs.

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